Zippies x more Earth Sponge Reusable Paper Cloth Towels


An eco-friendly and durable alternative to paper towels, sponges and rags, Earth Sponge Reusable Cloth Towels are made from natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. They are soft and non-abrasive. Use them for wiping tables, counter-tops and surfaces. Wipe away, dirt, messes, and spills. They are fast drying which minimize bacterial growth and prevent unpleasant smell.

One Earth Sponge Reusable Paper Cloth Towel is equivalent to using 15 rolls of regular paper towels. Simply wash and rinse after each use and let them air dry. Wash up to more than 100 times.

Dimension of each cloth is 20*17*0.2 cm and is sold in a pack of 4.

A pack of 4 consist of 4 different prints - avocado print, leaf print, flower print, tree print - making it easier to assign a different use per print.

Disinfecting is easy! Here are 3 options:
1) Hand wash with dishwashing soap or detergent and air dry
2) Machine-wash with detergent and dry
3) Hand wash with soap, keep wet and pop in microwave for 30 seconds to disinfect. NOTE: cannot disinfect in microwave when dry, this might cause a fire.

With Earth Sponge Cloth Towels, you can be kinder to the environment and go easier on your wallet too!